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Goodbye migrating wading birds

It's that time of year towards Easter that millions of waders head towards norther Asia to place such as Siberia. The smaller sparrow sized birds will have a couple of stop overs to fatten up. A few of the bigger waders might try to fly non stop. 

Waders are also called shorebirds. They can be very difficult to tell apart. In Australia we must protect their freshwater and marine wetlands for these birds to survive. We must prevent people and their pets from disturbing them so they can fatten up for their long flights. 

Once the snow has melted in places like Siberia, there is a massive food supply of insects to feed themselves and later their hatched chicks. The birds team up with a mate, make a nest on the ground and get into producing some eggs. Their hatched chicks grow very fast on the plentiful food supply. There aren't many predators that will eat their chicks. 

The first chance these birds have of saying goodbye to their fully grown chicks, the adults will fly back to Australia. Siberia might be great for nesting and feeding chicks but awful during winter. So are these birds Asian or Australian?  

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