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Window sill garden

Plastics are a problem when they escape into our environment. Although they are light, cheap, easy and handy they are an environmental newcomer and not part of our natural world. Once manufactured, plastic has a long life in the environment.  Here is one way to use lateral thinking to re-use plastic bottles.

What you need:

  • List everything needed to complete a simple project. Your list might look something like this
  • PET bottle(s) or containers with the recycling mark on the bottom (Illustrations show former herbal tablet bottles)
  • Cutting instrument for bottle scissors
  • String or ribbon
  • Small amount of potting mix
  • Notepaper & camera

What to do:

  • Recover a suitable PET recyclable plastic bottle and clean thoroughly
  • Remove paper or plastic label ( you may have to use eucalyptus oil and then soap for tough ones)
  • Measure down from the top of the bottle about 1/3 to 1/2 of the distance to the bottom
  • Mark and cut the PET bottle being aware of safe handling of cutting instruments and suitability to the thickness of the plastic
  • (Optional) In order to minimise the sharpness of the edges you might use a lit candle and gently turn the cut edges of the top and bottom of the bottle over it
  • Put your strips of string at the bottom of the top section (in this case we used the flip top of the bottle to secure the string. If the lid is solid, drill or poke a hole for the string to go through)
  • Pour clean water into the base but don't overfill
  • Place the upturned top of your PET bottle into the water filled bottom of the bottle
  • Add some potting mix and your cuttings or seeds
  • Place on a sunny window sill

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