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Turtle toddlers



A popular ocean reptile, the sea turtle may eat plants, algae, crabs, seajellies and other invertebrates, i.e. animals without backbones. There are seven species of sea turtles; Leatherback, Green, Loggerhead, Kemp's Ridley, Hawksbill, Flatback (nesting in Australia) and Olive Ridley (visiting). To learn more about Turtles visit AUSMEPA's Sea turtle fact sheet

There is nothing cuter or more amazing than watching a nest of baby turtles emerge from their sandy nest and flip flop down to the ocean. You can make your own baby turtles in a variety of ways, with paper, cardboard or plastic. Here is one way.


Turtle toddlers cont.


What you need:

  • Egg cartons
  • Scissors (self sharpening if possible)
  • Glue
  • Green paint
  • Black paint
  • A bucket of sand and a platform / table or tray to place the sand


Turtle toddlers cont.


What to do:

  • Separate the cups of the egg carton from the lid and then separate the cups from each other - one cup at a time
  • Taking note of the dips and hollows of the egg cup, mark out the 4 flippers (Make 2 longer front flippers and 2 shorter ones for the back.)
  • Ensure that two front flippers are marked out so that you can have them larger and trim them so that they are slightly curved
  • Make the back flippers shorter
  • Using left over scraps cut out head/neck and tail pieces and test to see that the tail piece is long enough to stick out beyond the back of the turtle shell.
  • Paint with green paint (you can use some white craft glue in the paint to help the paper keep its form)
  • Give them eyes with black paint or black marker
  • Using the table or tray that you've decided to use, create a nest from sand and place your little turtle toddlers so it shows them emerging from the sand.

If you are very ambitious you can mark the carapace (shell) into patterns like the real thing.

Where students are too young for using sharp instruments you might choose a paper or card template and create a mother turtle and decorate it. This illustration uses onion skin to create a textured shell.


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