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Turtle mum

Sea turtles start out by hatching from eggs under the sand of a beach. They risk their lives as they race to get to the sea. They spend years at sea and when a female is old enough she returns close to where she was born to lay her own eggs.

In this activity we will make a mother turtle.

What you need:

  • Card or manila folder
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Texta, black and green
  • Photocopy templates to use as guides
  • Optional, use of onion skin to create shell pattern

 What to do:

  • Using the illustrations as a guide cut an egg shaped piece of card or manila folder
  • Using the cut out as a guide draw the turtle head, body, tail and flippers
  • Colour the scaly skin using a green texta
  • Colour in two eyes with a black texta or paint
  • Cut out pieces of card or onion skin and decorate the top of the shell
  • Cut out the pieces of card to create the breast plate on the underside of the shell
  • Put the head, flippers and tail template between the upper shell and the breast plate

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