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Plate coral


Plating coral is a fascinating addition to any coral reef.  The broad plates of coral create shelves, almost like a high rise apartment building, allowing smaller animals to hide from predators.

Here is a photo from above of some shelving plate corals from Flinders Reef just off Moreton Island in Queensland.


Plate coral cont.


What you need:

  • Clean disposable aluminium pie tin(s), paper or plastic plates of the right shape and size for your project
  • Craft glue
  • Tissue paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Empty glass
  • Small brush &  water to clean brush
  • Paper towels
  • Food colouring, or writing pen ink or water colours
  • Marking pen


Plate coral cont.


What to do:

  • To create a better bowl shape in the pie tin, press and rub the round bottom of the glass across it to smooth out the edges
  • Paint the inside of the pie tin with craft glue
  • Layer tissue paper over the pie tin and press down into the glue
  • Wet the tissue paper by gently applying water with the brush so as not to tear it. If you tear it just add more tissue paper onto the top
  • Drip food colouring around the wet tissue paper and spread the colour out using a fully wet brush of water -- again careful not to tear the tissue paper
  • Let dry
  • Cut bubble wrap to the same size as the pie tin
  • Paint craft glue on the bottom (flatter) side of bubble wrap and gently press onto the side of the pie tin where the colour is.
  • Let dry


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