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Lace coral


Some exquisite reef inhabitants are the lacy Bryozoans commonly called Lace Corals. These delicate colonies of polyp animals create beautiful patterns and can be brightly coloured. They are related to corals and sea jellies and have stinging cells to catch food.

What you need:

  • When you visit the fruit and vegetable section of your grocery store or fruit shop, find the large fruits that have a net of plastic covering the individual fruit i.e. mango or paw paw (papaya).  
  • If you aren't buying one of those fruits for dinner you might politely ask the shop keeper for a spare one or two for a school project. That way he/she doesn't need to throw any spare ones away in the rubbish.

What to do:

  • Give the mesh net a quick wash to ensure it is clean and let dry.
  • Bend, twist, evert or invert (turn inside out) until you have an interesting shape
  • Your lace coral is ready to join it's relatives on the coral reef (or even a rocky reef)


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