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Egg carton coral


Coral is made up of many polyps. The polyps are individual animals so when we want to make something to look like a coral we need to think about what can be used to show individual polyps.

An egg carton is a perfect recyclable candidate for becoming a coral colony because of all the individual holes the eggs sit in. We can turn it upside down to show closed polyps and we can cut some of the egg cups out and turn them right side up to show polyps that have opened up.

Because egg cartons are made from paper we can also utilise the excess material from the carton and use it like papier-mâché to further shape our coral colony.


Egg carton coral cont.


What you will need:

  • scissors, possibly a pen knife
  • water
  • 2 clean egg cartons (one as the base and one to cut up)
  • cupcake papers
  • craft or white glue
  • a knitting needle or firm thin object to push the papers through the egg carton
  • A base to sit the construction upon (this illustration shows the carton sitting on a baking pan)


Egg carton coral cont


 What to do:

  • Save 1 lid of one carton to become the base
  • Trim off excess parts of one carton so you have the egg cups still together as one colony
  • Shred the excess paper and soak it in water until it is pulpy (possibly overnight)
  • The second carton can be torn so that you have individual cups that can be trimmed back to a cup shape
  • Poke a hole in each of the 'open' polyps cups
  • Cut small patty pan cupcake paper into half and poke it through the hole in the open polyp cup and glue. Place the upturned polyps onto the other carton to build up your colony
  • Snip the cupcake paper into strips for tentacles and tease them into different shapes
  • Use the extra paper pulp to fill in the gaps between the closed and open polyps. Seal with by painting with glue
  • Using a fine marking pen you may like to mark coral skeleton patterns on the closed cups.
  • You now have a lovely coral colony addition to a Coral reef project 


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