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Coral reef 

People around the world depend on coral reefs. Coral reefs are home to a wonderful variety of life and fish that people eat. There are many coral species. Some common ones are plating corals, brain corals, lace corals and there are many more.

What you need:

  • Brain coral
  • Plating coral
  • Lace coral
  • Egg carton coral
  • Seagrass
  • Nut fish
  • Seagrass - this can be made from paper strips coloured green or green garden wire or disused plastic aquarium plants
  • Wavescape A knitted shawl or fabric (try the second hand shop if you don't have any at home)
  • A variety of empty clean canisters/containers to create a height change in the reef
  • A very large bowl or flat round basket

What to do:

  • Set bowl or round flat basket on table
  • Arrange different sized canisters or other shapes to provide height variations underneath the blanket coral (you may choose to use a glue gun to secure the canisters together once you have a nice arrangement)
  • Drape fabric/knitted shawl over and around the bowl (you can let some of the shawl spill out)
  • Arrange all of the different corals on top of the blanket coral and shapes in the bowl
  • Decide whether you would like to show a wave breaking over the reef. If so add the wave you made in the Wave- scape activity . Add tufts of seagrass
  • Add little fish.  
  • Optional extra - add your own design of colourful crab or giant clam

To understand corals and some of the changes that are going on follow this link to the Effect of Climate Change on Coral Bleaching unit here.

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