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LNG, a fuel of the future

Electricity power station burning LNG

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been described as the fuel of the future as it is a clean burning fossil fuel.

LNG has less impact on the environment than coal because it releases less carbon dioxide than coal when generating electricity. Burning LNG produces less pollution compared with coal.

LNG is mainly used for making electricity in power stations. It's used in homes  for cooking, heating and making hot water in our homes. LNG is also used in a compressed form in motor vehicles.

The use of LNG is increasing and it is regarded as a better choice than other non-renewable sources of energy. 

It is an economical fuel that is easily transported by pipeline. If it escapes it evaporates and does not pollute waterways and oceans like oi.

Liquid petroleum gas or LPG is more expensive than LNG. It can be safely transported in small pressurised cylinders. It can be used as fuel in cars and other transport. Homes that are not on gas mains can supply can use LPG gas cylinders for cooking, heating and hot water.

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