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Ports assist Australian trade and commerce

Ports are the link between the sea, rail and roads. The goods we use travel long distances. There are many businesses involved in producing, transporting and selling these goods. Australia needs to sell goods to other countries so we can afford to import goods. This trade allows us to buy a wide range of goods. Nearly all of our trade goes through ports. When the operations of the ports are improved this helps the businesses that use them.

The movement of cargo in ships is measured by the number of tonnes for each kilometre carried. Using this measurement, Australia is the fifth largest ship transporter of goods in the world.

 This is due to two things. Australia is further away from most other places such as Europe and North America. There are large amounts of heavy bulk cargo such as iron ore, coal and other minerals being exported.

Much of Australia's wealth depends on international trade. Ships export a range of bulk cargoes such as iron ore, coal and wheat. The ports through which these goods are shipped bring financial stability to the region and to Australia as a whole.

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