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Ports contribute to the wealth of cities, towns and regions

Most of Australia's coastal cities and some of its coastal towns have been built in places that have a good natural location for a port. Ports help the economy of the city or town where they are located.

Wherever there is a port:

  • There are businesses that transport goods and have offices close by.
  •  Local governments are needed to look after the town and the region around it.
  • Many people are needed to operate it and most of these people will live within the port's town or city.

  • Business that process goods may want their factories close to a port.
  • Businesses that supply ships with stores and undertake repairs on ships need to be located near the port.
  • The offices set up by businesses that use ports also help to benefit the city, town or region.
  • Other businesses establish the source of the goods they export near a port, for example an abattoir exporting frozen meat, factories exporting manufactured goods, oil refineries importing and exporting petroleum products etc.

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