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What are some of the risks?

Ports need to have environmental protection and safety plans. The first thing port authorities want to do is to try to prevent problems occurring. If there is a problem, they need to act quickly to keep the trouble under control. These are some of the things ports need to consider when planning to reduce risks:

  • Fire on board a ship while docked alongside the wharf
  • Fire on board a ship on the water at anchorage
  • Ships sinking in the port
  • Fire on the shore
  • Dangerous chemical spill
  • Oil spill
  • Explosion
  • Escape of dangerous gas (poisonous or explosive)
  • Accidents on shore
  • Collision of ships
  • Train or road accident in the port
  • 'Invasion of marine pests in ships' ballast water or stuck to the ships' hulls
  • Armed intruders.

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