Torres Strait school students to learn about boating safety and their marine environment.

25 August 10

AUSMEPA has just completed a ground breaking project, creating two readers with the help of students in Torres Strait. The books will be used in school literacy programs in Australia's most northern region, Torres Strait. There are 16 schools on various islands dotted throughout Torres Strait, which consists of 18 island and 2 Northern Peninsula Area communities. The islands are scattered over a geographic area of 48,000 square kilometres, from the tip of Cape York, north towards the borders of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

The readers, titled Boating Safety in Torres Strait and Our Environment Our Future, were written by Bob Winters, an AUSMEPA consultant with the help of 18 students from Tagai College on Thursday and Horn Islands. The children spent several days in a workshop learning about key boating safety issues and preventing pollution which can have a physical and harmful impact on their community and the marine environment. Tagai College Teachers and their boating equipment were essential in the development and photography for these books.

The students appear throughout both readers undertaking basic boating safety education as well as  investigating marine environmental threats to their community and learning how to prevent harmful impacts of things like litter, ghost nets, climate change, pollution from boats as well as the threats to Turtles and local fisheries.

The booklets contain 17 pages and almost 50 highly colourful photographs of the students and their environment. Each subject area is discussed in terms of What are the facts? What are the issues? What can we do?

 Major funding for the project was made available by Maritime Safety Queensland with funding assistance from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Under the project funding, a total of 400 copies of each reader will be provided to the schools in Torres Strait, with each of the children who appear in the readers being given their own personal copies.

For more information please contact Bob Winters on  0410 552 574.

Some sample photos from the readers:

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