Latest environmental laws – please read

25 September 12

As of 1st January 2012, Australia will have a new Marine Environmental Bill, which comes into line with international laws. It was decided last July at the International Maritime Organization in London.
The new legislation will;

  • restrict the discharge of sewage from passenger ships in special areas;
  • revise requirements relating to the disposal of garbage at sea;
  • make mandatory the Energy Efficiency Design Index for new ships of 400 gross tonnage, and above, built on or after  January 1, 2013 for international trade; and
  • make mandatory the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan from that date for all ships of 400 gross tonnage and above that are engaged in international trade.
The jurisdiction over Australia's territorial sea has also been clarified.
  • States and territories for an area ranging from the low-water mark to a boundary of 3 nautical miles.
  • The Commonwealth has the remaining area of 3 to 12 nautical miles from the low-water mark.

Information gathered from Lloyds List Australia

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