Animal Action Week 2008 'Beneath the Waves: Protecting Marine Wildlife'

20 August 08

The theme for International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Animal Action Week, which takes place in 16 countries during the first week of October, is 'Beneath the Waves - Protecting Marine Wildlife', and looks at the issues affecting our oceans today such as pollution, over fishing and climate change and how these issues impact on animals as well as people. Many species are at risk including whales, turtles, sharks and sea birds. This is your chance to help them so visit for more information on how you can take action.

This year we are also asking people to join in our campaign to clean up plastic waste that is destroying our oceans and killing marine wildlife. Not only will this clean up directly help solve the problem it will also be part of a global effort by IFAW to raise awareness of the plastic plague that is harming the environment and animals. For more information on how you can get involved please call us on 1800 00 4329.

A FREE education kit is available from IFAW which brings the story and issues of protecting marine wildlife straight to your classroom. The kit contains a DVD, 16 page magazine format teachers guide, six lesson activities, a colourful wall calendar and interactive website. The fun, interactive materials are suitable for years 5 - 8, and activities are ideal for a range of subjects including, society, environment, geography, English, science, IT, art and drama.

Beneath the Waves Protecting Marine Wildlife.
To order your free education kit today, please email your school's name, address and telephone number to or call 1800 00 4329.

Although attention is focused around the launch week 4-10 October, activities are far from limited to just those seven days. Many people get involved long before and continue with their efforts well after the
official week. For example, the education pack and film can be used by educators whenever it suits them in the year. Likewise you and your friends could join in our Pick Up Plastic! Protect Marine Wildlife campaign by organising a beach, river, lake or park clean up at any time.

IFAW's fantastic web game My Animal Island and other web activities are available at all year round. In fact, you can join in and help save animals as part of the campaign whenever it suits you.

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