13 November 18

AUSMEPA’S Executive Officer Julie Nash, is proud to announce, the Epic Ship Management as the most recent BRONZE Sponsor and the Ship Membership Scheme for ‘Epic St. Agnes’.

Ms Julie Nash said, in recognising the marine environmental awareness and education work undertaken by AUSMEPA and the other around the world, how pleased the AUSMEPA Board were to acknowledge the high quality of the Epic Ship Management and welcome them to AUSMEPA and to assist in the education of mariners along with schools, teachers, students and communities in Australia of the vital importance of keeping our oceans clean and healthy.

“Fully committed to protecting the environment and preventing spillage with excellent safety and environmental performance. We operate to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental stewardship at sea and onshore.”

Capt. Anand Mannath
Head of Operations
Epic Ship Management Pte. Ltd.

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