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A Sign of Quality

To acknowledge quality shipping AUSMEPA operates a Ship Membership Scheme which rewards quality shipping trading to Australia by presenting them with a certificate and AUSMEPA flag to be used in Australian ports to signify the ships partnership with AUSMEPA

It is internationally recognised that the owners and operators of quality ships fully understand the importance of protecting the marine environment. Owners and operators of quality ships often take steps beyond the requirements of the international conventions and codes to ensure maximum environmental protection.

AUSMEPA invites owners and operators of quality ships which trade to Australia to partner with AUSMEPA to recognise the significant efforts being made by shipping in marine environmental protection. Through AUSMEPA membership, quality ships are supporting AUSMEPA and its objectives of a cleaner marine environment and the activities which AUSMEPA undertakes to further those objectives. 

To be approved as an AUSMEPA Ship Member by the AUSMEPA Board it will be necessary to demonstrate a good safety and environmental record.

The cost of AUSMEPA ship membership is $1,155 incl gst per ship per year, a discount of 10 % applies when 6 or more ships are nominated. A discount of 30% also applies if a ship is a member of another MEPA e.g. HELMEPA. Once approved, AUSMEPA will invoice your company every 12 months from the joining date.

Each AUSMEPA Ship Member is presented with a certificate and an AUSMEPA flag to fly while in Australian ports. The Flag signifies membership of AUSMEPA and support of the AUSMEPA objectives; to protect the marine environment and promote environmentally sustainable shipping.

Owners or operators of ship members will be recognised on the AUSMEPA website as being an AUSMEPA sponsor. This means that if 5 ships become AUSMEPA ship members the owner or operator will be shown as a gold sponsor, two ships will be recognised as a silver sponsor and one ship a bronze sponsor.

Where less than 5 ships become members the owner or operator will have the option of making up the difference to the level of sponsorship they wish to provide by paying more. Current sponsorship levels are Gold - $5,775, Silver - $2,887.50  and Bronze $1,210 incl gst. Revenue generated from the ship membership scheme is used to further develop AUSMEPA's educational programs

Ship owners and operators interested in becoming an AUSMEPA Ship Member are invited to complete the application form and submit it to AUSMEPA.

AUSMEPA Quality Ships

AUSMEPA uses the following guidelines to determine ship quality and assess potential ships for AUSMEPA membership, any one will qualify a ship for consideration:

  • Two continuous years free of detention under Australia's port State control regime;
  • A US Coast Guard QUALSHIP 21 Certificate;
  • A Green Award certificate;
  • Any other internationally recognised certificate or record providing evidence of the ships' quality and safety record, e.g. from a ship vetting company

Monitoring ships in the ship membership scheme

AUSMEPA is pleased to be associated with Rightship Pty. Ltd. Australia's premier ship vetting specialists. Rightship maintains an AUSMEPA fleet data base and can notify the AUSMEPA board when a member ship is detained under a Port State Control regime or has been reported as having suffered any serious marine incident. This helps the AUSMEPA Board to review the seriousness of any incidents to reassess ship quality and continued AUSMEPA membership.

AUSMEPA encourages ship owners and operators to become involved in AUSMEPA's school education program, such as class communication with ship's crew or ship visits. Increased participation by port and shipping industries in AUSMEPA's educational programs will assist in greater promotion of sustainable shipping and protection of the marine environment.

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