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AUSMEPA's key objectives include instilling an increased marine environmental consciousness and awareness in Australians and also seafarers visiting Australian ports as well as assisting the shipping industry in achieving environmental sustainability and in enhancing the industry's 'clean and green' reputation among the community. Updated 2013 with the latest IMO, Australian legislation and MARPOL requirements regarding ship tracking and reporting systems, navigation in the inner routes of the Great Barrier Reef, ballast water management, biofouling and the permissible draught of ships on the Torres Strait.

Seafarer Education

DVD Welcome to Australia Protecting the Marine Environment
AUSMEPA and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) produced an educational DVD which describes the importance of Australia's unique marine environment in particular the Great Barrier Reef.

The DVD also reminds ship masters and their crews of the international regulations under MARPOL with which they must comply. The DVD can be viewed in six languages; English, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Russian and Ukrainian. The DVD has received international recognition by a wide range of shipping interests including P & I Clubs.

A copy of the DVD is placed on every ship when it first arrives in Australia by its agent. Supplies of the DVD are available through Shipping Australia Limited (SAL) and in selected ports from the Apostleship of the Sea (Stella Maris Seafarer Centres). 
Click here view the DVD EPA Refresher Education Training USB

AUSMEPA Refresher Education Training 

UPDATED   HELMEPA, AMSA AND AUSMEPA Seafarer Education in Australian waters 2018 

AUSMEPA has the aim of informing and assisting the officers and crew of its member-vessels and other vessels transiting Australian waters.

AUSMEPA is now providing its member-companies and others with the Association's latest electronic publication titled "A Refresher Training Guide for Seafarers on Ships in Australian Waters". This has been produced in collaboration with AMSA (the Australian Maritime Safety Authority) and HELMEPA (the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association).

Australian waters cover an area of approximately 14 million square kilometers and feature a wide variety of climatic, oceanographic and geographical characteristics. They hold a rare biodiversity of terrestrial and marine species, together with the world's largest "living organism" – The Great Barrier Reef, our natural wonder that has been evolving for more than one million years. The Great Barrier Reef must be navigated safely with respect and care, given that the Australia depends on the shipping industry for the transportation of approximately one billion tonnes of raw materials and products each year both imports and exports through our ports.

Besides the requirements of IMO, the Guide is also comprised of the national Australian legislative and MARPOL requirements regarding ship tracking and reporting systems, navigation in the inner routes of the Great Barrier Reef, ballast water management, biofouling and the permissible draught of ships in Torres Strait.

AUSMEPA's intention is that the new Guide will also facilitate and assist all Seafarers transiting Australian waters, in their effective cooperation with AMSA for the promotion of the common goal of safe navigation and pollution prevention, especially in the sensitive marine areas of this vast continent.


ausmepa seafarers usb attachment letter 2013.pdf

Powerpoint Presentations
Topic 1_Introduction to the Sensitive Sea Areas.ppt
Topic 2_Exchange of ballast water at sea and onboard treatment.ppt
Topic 3_Responding to pollution by oil and other substances.ppt
Topic 4. Onboard garbage management.ppt
Topic 5_Climate change and shipping.ppt
Topic 6_Air Pollution, Sources and Impacts.ppt

Associated Word Documents
Guide for Seafarers on Ships Sailing in Australian Waters Rev 1 Nov 2013.docx
Exchange of Ballast Water at Sea and Onboard Treatment.doc
Onboard Garbage Management.doc

PLEASE NOTE: AMSA have fully redesigned their website and some of the links in the AMSA/AUSMEPA USB are no longer current. You will be now able to find them here:

Marine Environmental Information for Seafarers on ships sailing in Australian Waters

AUSMEPA is keen to provide marine environmental information to seafarers on ships sailing in Australian waters that will help them keep up to date with the latest national and international requirements

AUSMEPA has a close partnership with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). As far as the protection of the marine environment is concerned, we share the same objectives. With AMSA's agreement we are pleased to provide the following link to AMSA's website which provides a range of marine environmental information, including some of the key issues, both recently completed and currently being considered by the IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee.

To find out more please click here

AMSA has also provides a Fact Sheet titled Adoption of an Energy Efficiency Design Index for international shipping. To access the fact sheet please click here

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Mission to Seafarers -Sydney

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