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Sand Swisher

Percussion instruments are wonderful for sound effects and become part of the language of music.

If you are out in nature, at  school, at the beach, in a forest, stop and listen carefully. How many sounds do you hear around you. Do you remember imitating any of those sounds? People can imitate the sounds of nature to communicate.

Can you remember the soothing sound of a wave washing onto the beach. What we hear are both the water moving but also the sand grains rubbing against each other as the wave pushes into shore.

The following instrument was designed by KALANI  as a card shaker and you can find more of his Eight Homemade Instruments by following this link


You will need:

  • A large greeting card - it doesn't have to be a new one
  • Sticky tape
  • A tablespoon of rice or sand

What to do:

  • Tape together one short side of the card (leave the other open)
  • Tape together one long side of the card (the other is already joined)
  • Looking at the tape on the long side, at the open end, push together in the opposite direction so that you make a cave inside the card (90 degrees from the other joins)
  • Pour in a tablespoon of rice or grain
  • Tape the last side down so that when you look at your construction from the side it looks like a triangle.

Time to try it out and see what it sounds like.

Another great way to get a sand swishy sound is simply to use an old wooden drawer and place a cup of sand in the bottom. By tipping it gently from one side to the other you can definitely hear the sound of the sand on the shore.

Or you could make your own wooden box. Here is a handmade box for swishing sand that incorporated a wood burned design of beach kelp.

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