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What to do:

  • Tracing around the small plate, draw and cut out a circle from the old Xray paper or mylar sheet
  • Place the cylinder over the cut-out piece and draw another circle to show the edge of the centered can. Remove the can and you will see a circle within the circle.
  • Using the inner circle as a guide, carefully cut out wedges of the paper not deeper than the inner circle
  • Place the new shape over one end of the can
  • Glue into place
  • Tape down the edges of the Xray sheet
  • Find the center of the Xray circle and create a pin hole
  • Feed the stretched spring through the pinhole but not too far because you want to have most of the spring hanging down as it will be making the thunder rumble

Your new Thunder Drum will make a great addition to the sounds needed for creating your Musical Ocean Soundscape - just jiggle it!

Want some whistling wind to go with it? You can make the sound of wind with your mouth by pushing air out and whistling softer and harder.

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