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 Step 3 – Explore sounds

To find out how to make intruments, click here

To listen to a soundcape, click here

Begin recording sounds for your composition.

  • On the beach?
  • What sounds express emotions?
  • Children playing, birds, soft sand, crashing thunder, gentle rain.
  • You could record actual sounds or you could make your own instrument to mimic the sound you are looking for.

Check out AUSMEPA's Kiss Craft for Rain Stick, Thunder Drum and Sand Swisher here. 

Don't forget you can make sounds with your own voices too! If wind whistles so can you!

If you still feel that something is missing you might try looking up sounds on your computer and record something there that you are missing.

Use the downloaded free app to put together all your sounds in an order that will build your soundscape. It is possible that this is the most challenging step.


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