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Teacher background

The sea is just plain fun. It also captures our desire to explore. We can get so much more from our sea experience when we develop a deeper understanding and respect of what the oceans do for us. 

This project ties to art areas including music, visual art, poetry, and performance art as a method of communicating. And to make sound we learn about physics. The activities are built around the Ocean Literacy Principle 2.  

If you want to refresh your or your students’ understandings about how the ocean affects our coasts use AUSMEPA has online presentations on Our Battered Coasts that you can find here or on Coastal Landforms here that may help.

Additionally, the renowned percussionist, Kalani, has given permission for us to share his video on how to build a soundscape titled Wind, Rain, Birds & more here and his instructions for Eight Homemade Instruments here  that may help.


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