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Newsletter Contents:

  • JEWEL OF A TOOL; Maritime Emissions Portal update
  • New sponsor joins AUSMEPA - STAR BULK SA
  • Spillcon; Bringing Shipping to the Schools
  • World Ocean Day 2019
  • Dive in and Discover; Drawing Competition See here
  • Ocean Whispers; A breath of fresh air
  • Getting ready for Seaweek 2019, Sept 2-9 Drawing Competition

Dear Supporter,

This winter is a great time to enjoy the moodiness of our beautiful oceans surrounding Australia. This quote by John F Kennedy reminds us of our kinship.

"We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail
or to watch - we are going back from whence we came."   JFK

Do you know that in our bodies we have the same elements that are in sea water in about the same proportions? Little wonder that when visiting the seaside our bodies to the 'call' of the sea.

Please enjoy some of AUSMEPA's continuing celebration of the sea and our determination to help inspire the protection and care of it.



AUSMEPA havedeveloped the Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP) with the assistance from the Google Impact Challenge  an  innovative online portal that measures ships emissions in and around the port boundary including at berth, in real time, at a fraction of the cost of the current manual emissions inventory methodology allowing ports to measure and monitor the harmful impacts of ships emissions within the surrounding communities. The MEP will assist Ports to monitor ship emissions to enable them to meet their Paris reduction targets.  

Greenhouse gas emissions from shipping should be on the board agenda for ports and for a range of businesses that depend on sea freight. Rather than being caught unawares, it is time to understand the emerging commercial opportunities that proper management of this issue can bring.

Ports are uniquely placed to encourage efficiency in the global shipping fleet. In this changing landscape, it will no longer suffice for ports to adopt the position that they are unable to control the ships that arrive in their waters and facilities.  In fact, there are opportunities for ports that recognise the changing context, and act first.

Electrification of wharf operations for noise, safety and emissions reasons offers immediate gains shared with the community. However, these changes may in turn foreshadow higher community expectations of ports, including to act on harmful air quality emissions and GHG emissions of visiting ships.

Holistic ship emissions can also be reviewed with impressive sophistication based on vessel specifications, location data and adjusted for standard operating procedures.  One such mechanism is the Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP) developed in partnership between RightShip, Oceaneering and the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA). This can give users air inventory data for carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, and particulate matter across defined areas.

Tools like the MEP provides the maritime industry, a unique opportunity to define priority projects aimed at reducing ship-source emissions. Users are able to observe changing air patterns throughout a port and city over the course of a day, week, month or a year. Such innovations mean users can go beyond the standard approach of compiling historical air inventories. A combination of the availability of data, with regulatory and commercial pressures, means that emissions from shipping and ports are now clearly visible on land.


AUSMEPA’S Executive Officer Julie Nash, is proud to announce STAR BULK SA as the most recent company to join the Ship Membership Scheme for ships; Gargantua, Star Marisa, Star Libra, Maharaj, Star Ariadne, Star Eleni

Ms Julie Nash said, "In recognition of the need for marine environmental awareness and education work around the world STAR BULK SA has chosen to join AUSMEPA as new ship members.  In turn, the AUSMEPA  Board are exceptionally pleased to acknowledge the high quality of STAR BULK SA ships and welcome them to AUSMEPA team. Together we will work to improve the education of mariners along with schools, teachers, students and communities in Australia in the vital importance acting to keep our oceans clean and healthy. 

“We are honored to participate in this partnership with AUSMEPA and to have the opportunity to support the “Cleaner Seas” initiative”         

Nicos Rescos, Chief Operating Officer       

SPILLCON 2019; AUSMEPA Bringing Shipping to the Schools

Spillcon 2019 Perth W.A, what an adventure. 120 high school students and their teachers arrived excited to see, hear, touch – learn! The program provided an opportunity to showcase the spill response industry to schools, through a program of lectures, competitions and live displays.

Since April, high schools around Perth, took up the challenge to participate in the event and AUSMEPA provided teachers with a unit of work to educated students on oil spills and the damage it causes and current mitigation strategies being used in Australia. The next task was for students to invent their own ‘oil spill clean-up tool’, using engineering elements. With over 30 entries submitted, it was an extremely difficult decision to select the top 3. They then presented their projects to their peers and guest judges at the event. Winning the competition were a group of young ladies from Como Secondary College with their ‘O.S Nets’. Pictures below;

“Our invention is an unmanned piece of equipment that helps remove oil from water in large- and small-scale spills. Our design consists of two parts, the body and the filter. The body is used for capturing and storing water. It then sends the water/oil mixtures through the filter which has three mesh nets that allow water to pass through freely without the oil escaping. The first of the three nets will block large oil particles but let smaller ones and water through. The second of the three nets will not let any oil particles through but will allow the water to pass through. The last net will provide backup to the other two nets, just in case oil passes through or there are rips in the nets”.

Students were thrilled to hear from guest speakers, which included Mr Clement Chazot Technical Officer – International Maritime Organisation (IMO), Mrs Jessica Miller – Deputy General Manager – Operations – The Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC), Dr Stuart Field - Membership and Collaboration Manager – AMOSC, Mr Mike House – Director, Mr Paul Barrett – CEO Australian Institute of Petroleum and our own Ms Julie Nash – Executive Officer (AUSMEPA).

Students concluded their day watching the on-water display on the Swan River and inspecting the AMOSC Wildlife Response container, designed for washing and caring for wildlife affected from oil.

Competition Winners (left to right)

1st Prize – Como Secondary College. Lego Maersk Ship, kindly sponsored by SVITZER and
$500 for the school, kindly sponsored by AMOSC

2nd Prize – Butler College - $300 for the school, kindly sponsored by AMOSC

3rd Prize – Perth Modern School - $200 for the school, kindly sponsored by AMOSC

A huge thank you to our sponsors who provided money for prizes and giveaways


World Ocean Day was another wonderful success with people around the globe embracing their ocean heritage. AUSMEPA took its place among environmental enthusiasts at the Sunshine Coast's Cottontree Festival, giving teachers and students a chance to find out about our outstanding online marine environment education resources and colourful posters.  AUSMEPA’s own Environmental & Education Consultant, Jody Plecas & Executive Officer, Julie Nash attended, giving posters and other goodies away to visitors



DIVE IN AND DISCOVER - Drawing Competition "I dive into the ocean and discover".....

Communicating can be a complex matter and we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Our sister association, HELMEPA, in Greece has found that the students have become very adept at expressing what they have learned about the sea. Here are a couple of great examples of primary work.

AUSMEPA loves seeing creative expression from students too so we are launching a drawing competition with the theme "I dive into the ocean and discover".....what do they discover? As usual there will be prizes to be won so get started. See here for further details.

There will be the following categories for State, Private and Special Schools:

  • Preschool
  • Prep to Grade 3
  • Grade 4 to 6

OCEAN WHISPERS; A breath of fresh air

Ocean Whispers is a blog where AUSMEPA prepares or simply shares information to help, inform, and inspire. Here is a list of some topics that you may be interested in;


It's coming around again! The wonderful celebration of the sea through National Seaweek, hosted by the Association of Australian Environmental Educators (AAEE) here.

This year the theme is based on the International Ocean Literacy Principle Number 4 - The Ocean Made Earth Habitable. If you missed out on the last one, or even if you didn't, you might enjoy getting in on this competition.

Scope and Sequence

Conceptual Flow Diagrams

Supplementary Resources

Refer also to Ocean Whispers at: and to the free AUSMEPA resources at

 “At first you are awed by the splendour, by the beauty, of the planet and then you look down and you realize that this one planet is the only thing we have. Every time the sun comes up and goes down… and for us that’s sixteen times a day… you see a thin, thin, thin layer just above the surface, maybe 10 or 12 kilometres thick. That is the atmosphere of the Earth. That is it. Below that is life. Above it is nothing. JULIE PAYETTE, Canadian astronaut”

― David Suzuki, The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature


A huge thank-you to our fantastic, loyal sponsors. We would not be able to do this without you!



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