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AUSMEPA eNewsletter Summer 2019

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    Australian Year 9 Curriculum 'Geographies of Interconnections'
    'We are Ports' 2018 COMPETITION winners, sponsored by Port of Brisbane
    And the winners are ….. Clontarf Beach High School

It has been another great year for AUSMEPA culminating in the 2018 Annual General Meeting
held in Sydney on the 31st of October 2018.

AUSMEPA AGM November 2018

The AUSMEPA AGM was held in Sydney on 31st October 2018.
There was no opposition to the election of the nominations to the AUSMEPA Board; accordingly, all were elected by acclamation.

Chairman:                   Warwick Norman
Vice Chairman:           Conrad Saldanha
Treasurer:                    Stephen Thompson
Secretary:                    Jim Huggett
Executive Director:    
Board Member (1):     Steve Pelecanos (TBA)
Board Member (2):     Angela Gillham
Board Member (3):     David Phillips


2018 Updated version of AUSMEPA, HELMEPA & AMSA 'Refresher Education Training Manual' for ships operating in Australian Waters

AUSMEPA has the aim of informing and assisting the officers and crew of its member vessels and other vessels transiting Australian waters. AUSMEPA's key objectives include instilling an increased marine environmental consciousness and awareness in Australians and seafarers visiting Australian ports as well as assisting the shipping industry in achieving environmental sustainability and in enhancing the industry's 'clean and green' reputation among the community.

See here for the updated version.



On top of our initial validation process AUSMEPA & RightShip working together with our pilot ports have gathered 2017 ship emissions data, verified and adjusted it as required, then sent off for further validation.

ICF International Inc, an independent consultancy firm in the USA, conducted a formal peer review of the emission calculation methodology used in the MEP following the USA Environmental Protection Agency peer review requirements. They then checked the calculations of loads and emissions as a sample of MEP calculations from two ports and provided comments on the emission factors, methodology, loads, and general performance of the MEP.

"We think it's a great product that has been well QA'd and will be useful for many ports. We did our review and we stand behind our work"
Seth Hartley, Technical Specialist at ICF International

Generally, reviewers found the report to be on sound basis and acceptable for use in subsequent analyses.


AUSMEPA'S Executive Officer Julie Nash, is proud to announce, the Epic Ship Management as the most recent BRONZE Sponsor and the Ship Membership Scheme for 'Epic St. Agnes'.

Ms Julie Nash said, in recognising the marine environmental awareness and education work undertaken by AUSMEPA and the other around the world, how pleased the AUSMEPA Board were to acknowledge the high quality of the Epic Ship Management and welcome them to AUSMEPA to assist in the education of mariners along with schools, teachers, students and communities in Australia of the vital importance of keeping our oceans clean and healthy.

"Fully committed to protecting the environment and preventing spillage with excellent safety and environmental performance. We operate to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental stewardship at sea and onshore."

Capt. Anand Mannath
Head of Operations
Epic Ship Management Pte. Ltd.



Getting ready for WORLD OCEAN DAY, 8 June 2019

AUSMEPA is excited to remind all students about the yearly celebration of World Ocean Day. It's a good idea to start thinking about how you might like to honour the occasion with an event or activity for 8 June 2019! Below you will see information to get you started as provided by World Oceans Day  here and some inspiration from last year's competition.

"Together we can protect and restore our ocean"

When you lead or participate in World Oceans Day events and activities, you are both celebrating our blue planet and uniting with a global community of leaders and changemakers to protect and restore our ocean. This year's theme and conservation focus will guide you and others in the fast-growing World Oceans Day network as you begin to prepare for this upcoming 8 June

Conservation focusdemonstrate leadership in preventing plastic pollution and share solutions that inspire and activate the global community

World Oceans Day 2019 – with the 24-member World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council helping empower people of all ages to become leaders in their communities – will rally the world to stop ocean plastic, a growing crisis facing society and our shared ocean. World Oceans Day 2019 will build on personal awareness, actions, and commitments to reduce single-use plastic, and mobilize action on the scale necessary to bring about real change. You can be a leader by rallying others - including families, friends, schools, local businesses, organizations, and corporations - for greater involvement! 

Check out last year's winners of our poster competition and these event ideas to begin planning your celebration and get involved! Stay tuned for exciting new resources and much more coming soon!


AUSMEPA & World Ocean Day 2018 – 'Plastic Pollution Problem' WINNING School
TOP 3 Won a $40 gift voucher each from DisKount Art Supplies & $20 Hot Chips party for those who participated!!



Australia's migratory waders

Bob Winters joined in with the Victorian Study Wader Group at the Western Treatment Plant near Melbourne. The group has been tagging waders for decades. Their work has become more important over the years as migratory waders have new environmental issues testing their survival.


Bob has taken video of an exploding canon net capturing migratory wader at their roosting site. At low tide thousands of these small birds feed along Port Phillip Bay shoreline. At high tide they find a safe inland wetland to roost. By the end of summer these birds need to fatten up for their long flight to places like Siberia and Alaska. The smallest weigh around that of a Tim Tam. Along their journey most will need to stop over twice to 'refuel'. Some of their stopovers are becoming, more polluted, being reclaimed as dry land and have more human intrusions. At their frigid nesting sites climate change is likely to impact on this perma-frost environment.

 From the video material, several short presentations will be produced that relate to STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  As well as the scientific process of bird banding, videos will be produced of Women in Science and children involved in Citizen Science.

OCEAN WHISPERS; ausmepa blogspot



Australian Year 9 Curriculum 'Geographies of Interconnections'

'We are Ports' 2018 COMPETITION winners, sponsored by Port of Brisbane
And the winners are ….. Clontarf Beach High School

By Karly and Amelie

By Jordon, KD, Chloe & Dylan

A fun and different angle on Geography can be found using the AUSMEPA resources for Ports found  here

Make it easy on yourself and download
1. Student and teacher curriculum and activity materials DOC
2. Student Powerpoint PPT
3. Rubric for student assessment PDF



AUSMEPA is a not-for-profit supported by leading maritime companies, individuals and organisations. Funds raised are used to create no-cost, innovative and practical educational resources for schools, seafarers and other users of the marine environment. click here to read more


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