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Julie's corner

What an exciting and busy past few months AUSMEPA has had.

In November, at the Lloyd's List Australian Shipping and Maritime Industry Awards, AUSMEPA received a 'Highly Commended' in the Maritime Services category. The submission outlined work that had been implemented throughout the past 12 months and the valuable impact on the Australian Shipping Industry.

The competition was fierce and AUSMEPA was up against well known and respected companies such as; Rightship, Middletons, PB Towage and Sea Swift. Congratulations to Sea Swift who were the overall award winner in this category.

Turtle project

In December AUSMEPA ran a project 'Sea Turtles in Australian Waters', about the safety and livelihood of the Australian Sea Turtle for Gladstone and Townsville Primary Schools. With the help of sponsorship from Orica, SMIT, PB Towage and Australian Maritime Systems a 2013 Sea Turtle Calendar was produced. We received many drawings and it proved very difficult selecting the 12 winners.

International recognition

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has invited AUSMEPA and Australian Schools to be involved in a new initiative. The IMO is setting up a new social media section through their website aimed primarily at children and youth worldwide. The project will encourage dialogue, interaction of ideas and open avenues of communication with the UN agencies' activities to protect the marine environment. . They love our established units of work and will be promoting them. This is a very big 'coup' for AUSMEPA and we are immensely proud.

Environmental award winner

On behalf of the Board of AUSMEPA I am proud to announce the Winner of the 2012 Environment Award to the Conservation Council of South Australia (CCSA) for its actions taken for its marine Citizen Science program, 'Feral or in Peril'.  The project was implemented to develop an early warning system through coastal community users, such as fishers, divers and boat owners, to protect the marine environment.

We also gave a Highly Commended to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority for actions taken to develop 'Tangaroa Blue Foundation'.  With the support of volunteers more than 1.3 million pieces of marine debris have been collected from the Australian coastline so far.

Finally, I would like to thank the AUSMEPA team for their endless hard work and dedication.

Julie Nash
AUSMEPA Sales & Marketing Executive

For teachers

2013 Grant applications being accepted now

The Rhondda Alexander Memorial Education Grant has been an inspiration to teachers and students wishing to make a difference. Applications for 2013 are being accepted now.

Applications forms at

Completed forms will be accepted from now until 1st March 2013.  Send applications to     Want to know more? Click here.

2012 Grant news

Clontarf High School year 12 students are nearing completion of a fantastic iPad application for students and community interested in investigating the local marine environment on the eastern shore of Moreton Bay, Queensland.

Grant funds from AUSMEPA have complimented funding for a very broad marine education project at Warnambool Primary School. AUSMEPA have contributed directly to safety shoes and bus fares for the students to undertake their rockplatform studies. Students will also be able to demonstrate their knowledge by teaching students from other schools, using a large touch tank installed in the school.

Queencliff Primary School is a tiny coastal school at the Southern Ocean end of Port Philip Bay, Victoria. Marine education is embraced throughout the school. They've used their AUSMEPA grant money for iPads as well as hosting an Environment Day and development of a community information brochure for the local community. Their videos will soon appear on the AUSMEPA website.

Coral Watch video series: Coral Reefs and Climate Change

A truly excellent video series for ANYONE interested in how climate works and what influences the health of our reefs.

Watch here

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority science teaching units

In case you missed the announcement through Ocean Whispers here GBRMPA's units cover a good range of Reef related topics from Year 1 - 10

MarineWATERS, Western Australian teacher education resources

Western Australia has some of the wildest coastline in Australia. They are serious about marine education over there and have created some great resources called Who Lives Where?  To find out more click here.

For Seafarers

AUSMEPA is partnering a project with AMSA to engage schools in developing a project destined to become the official poster for SPILLCON 2013. This conference is to be held in Cairns from the 8th to the 12th of April, 2013. This would be a 'must attend' for those who are able.

Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards - 7 Dec 2012
Congratulations to management and staff at Neda Maritime Agency Co Ltd. Neda was announced as the 2012 Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Award winners for Tanker Company of the Year 2012. The award acknowledged the Company's 140 year old history, including recognition of continuing high standards of quality and technical innovation.


For Community

2012 was a big year for marine parks starting with Victoria celebrating 10years since its 24 representative marine parks and sanctuaries were brought into effect. Remarkably, during November Australia has also announced a comprehensive network of marine parks girthing its coastline.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society reminded us that 150 Australian scientists supported the effectiveness and benefits of marine reserves when they wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister (2010) outlining the vital role that marine reserves play in restoring the health of our coastal waters.

World's Largest: Australia's Network of Marine Parks
On 16 November 2012 the World's largest network of marine reserves came into law.

AMCS Contact: Ingrid Neilson, AMCS Communications Manager  (07) 3846 6777,   0421 972 731

Victoria: Celebrating Wet Parks 10 Years On
It has been 10 years this November since Victoria announced that 24 Marine Parks and Sanctuaries making up their own world first representative marine parks. A great example of best practice community stewardship is the partnership between the community friends group Marine Care Ricketts Point here and agency manager Parks Vic.

Citizen Science; community gets a look in
All around Australia a plethora of citizen scientist initiatives have taken hold. Here are some of the many interesting programs to get you off the sofa and out there and making a difference!

For more information about AUSMEPA our website is:

For interesting news and events check out Ocean

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