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AUSMEPA eNewsletter Winter 2012


In this issue you will find


From the Chair:

It was a great pleasure to welcome Julie Nash at the last meeting of the AUSMEPA Board and Advisory Committee in Brisbane on 30 March. The Board approved that AUSMEPA engage Julie Nash as Marketing and Sales Executive on a consultancy agreement for a period of six months.

During this six months period Julie is also taking on the day to day activities previously performed by Michael Julian. However, Michael will continue as AUSMEPA's Executive Director for the immediate future.

New team member:

Get ready for more action from AUSMEPA because Julie Nash is onboard. Over the next six months Julie will be putting in a full time effort, pulling together a variety of exciting new things so keep a look out.  You can reach her at julie.nash@ausmepa.org.au

New Sponsors:

AUSMEPA is very pleased to welcome Holman Fenwick Willan as AUSMEPA's newest Gold sponsor. HFW is a major international company of lawyers covering a wide area of maritime as well as commercial, environment, financial and several other areas of law. Read more at www.hfw.com

New Ship Members:

AUSMEPA recently welcomed six SMIT Marine Australia's Gladstone tugs: Awoonga, Koongo, Kullaroo, Leopard, Tondoon and Yallarm to its Ship Membership Scheme, to find out more about SMIT see their website www.smit.com  To find out more about AUSMEPA's Ship Membership scheme see more here.

Neda Maritime on its new 'environmentally friendly' oil tanker

AUSMEPA congratulates the Neda Maritime Agency for the steps it has taken to ensure its newest ship; the 320,000 deadweight tonnes crude oil carrier Aragona, is as 'environmentally friendly' as possible. In taking delivery of this very large crude carrier (VLCC), Neda Maritime has demonstrated a commitment to protecting the marine environment. Neda Maritime Agency has the highest number of ships approved in the AUSMEPA Ship Membership Scheme [read more here]

Annual International Marine Environment Protection Association
(INTERMEPA) meeting
At the June 2012 INTERMEPA meeting in Athens member MEPAs represented were from AUSMEPA (Australia), CYMEPA (Cyprus), HELMEPA (Greece), NAMEPA (U.S.A.), and TURMEPA (Turkey).  At the meeting CYMEPA's President Mr. George Tsavliris was elected Chairman of INTERMEPA  and AUSMEPA's Chairman, Captain Conrad Saldanha was elected Vice Chairman of INTERMEPA. Mr. Tsavliris, expressed his conviction that the most effective catalyst for the important work of INTERMEPA, is the continued synergy between member MEPAs. Deliberations centred on the proliferation of the voluntary MEPA spirit to other countries and campaigns to activate and unite the global community in the fight against marine pollution

AUSMEPA did not make an Award this year as the nominations received did not meet the required criteria to a sufficient extent for the full award. However, a Highly Commended Certificate was presented to the nomination from 'Take 3', which is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 2009 that aims to raise awareness of marine debris by encouraging each visitor to the beach, waterway or...anywhere to simply take 3 pieces of rubbish with them when they leave. Take 3 also encourages everyone to reduce their unnecessary plastic consumption - and make our lives a little less plastic! 'Take 3' aims to expand it's message throughout Australia and the world. To find out more about Take 3 visit their website www.take3.org.au

The AUSMEPA Environment Award is presented to worthy recipients to recognise and promote achievements, innovation and best practice in minimising marine pollution and the protection of the marine environment. The AUSMEPA Environmental Award can be awarded to individuals, community groups, businesses and government agencies or departments.
Nominations are sought from the community for the 2012/2013 Award and should be submitted to the AUSMEPA Executive Director by 30 September 2012. For full details and criteria go to 


AUSMEPA partners with CSIRO under new grant

AUSMEPA wishes to congratulate CSIRO's Education Unit on being awarded a grant by The Lloyd's Register Educational Trust.  The grant will enable CSIRO to continue its very popular weekly eNewsletter Science by email with distribution to 42,000 schools and education personnel. As part of the grant CSIRO will work in together with AUSMEPA to include a number of marine environment science topics.


We are pleased to announce the $3,000 grant was awarded to Clontarf Beach High School, Clontarf Beach, QLD for their project: Field Guide to the Animals of Moreton Bay. Among other outcomes the students will make an iPod/iPad application that will become a reference tool in identifying local species students have researched within their marine studies and aquatic practices coursework. 

This project was seen has having a wide applicability as it is intended for free download enabling other students and the wider community to identify and access information on local organisms. It will include photos, scientific names and other salient attributes; diet, conservation status and legal lengths/bag limits for fishers. The project will make it easy for schools to undertake research projects locally and replicate similar 'apps' in other places.

AUSMEPA are proud to announce they have found funding for two other schools who will receive $1500 each to support their projects. Queenscliff Primary School, Queenscliff VIC for their project We are the Future (pictured) and Warnambool East Primary School, Warnmabool VIC whose project is titled Rock Pool School: An exploration in conservation.



PHOTO SURVEY: A record of change of the ex-HMAS Brisbane 

REPORT CARD: South East Queensland Healthy Waterways 2011

AUSMEPA enters the PRIMEZONE portal

'ROCKPOOLS' – A new free educational resource for schools

Port Phillip Taxonomic Toolkit - just brilliant

TEDxNewy TALK: Tim Silverwood - How did our lives become so plastic?


IPMEN; Chilean Fjords and Ice Conference Nov 2012

Conservation action

ABC Science: Great Garbage Patch exposed article  

World Coral Reefs at Risk

"Hero for the Planet Ocean" Dr Sylvia Earle on Protecting Our Oceans

PLANET ARK - helping everyone to make a difference

GHOST NETS AUSTRALIA: Dealing with debris

Grants and awards

KAB Beverage Container Recycling Grants 2012


Ocean and animals

Investigating Rockpools

Space invaders; marine pests

TED talk: Edith Widder; The weird, wonderful world of bioluminescence

Soldier Crabs

Life on the Rock Shores of SE Australia

Queensland; Pacific Adventurer Oil Spill update 


Oranisations and events

Photographing Queensland's King Tides

Surface Tension Exhibition; Art, Science and open source solutions

ECOLOGY SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA: Wildlife photography competition

Media releases

Recent shipping achievements in protection of the marine environment

Shipping news

Review of GreenPort Congress - bridging communities

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