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The Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA) was launched on 13 July 2000 at Newstead House; on the banks of the Brisbane River. A declaration of a voluntary commitment 'to save the seas' was signed by a number of individuals representing a wide range of shipping industry, government and non government organisations who were committed to protecting Australia's precious marine environment.

AUSMEPA’s declaration was based on that of HELMEPA, the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association, founded voluntarily by Greek seafarers and shipowners in Piraeus, on 4 June 1982, with the aim to inform, educate and mobilize all in Greek shipping “from shipowner to the last seafarer” towards spreading a pollution prevention and safety spirit throughout the industry.

Goals set for AUSMEPA included:

  • nurturing and instilling an increased marine environmental consciousness and awareness in Australians by means of education, information and publicity;
  • establishing a visible presence in the Australian school system so that future generations of Australians are aware of the need to protect the marine environment;
  • acting as a positive, independent voice about marine environmental concerns;
  • publicly recognising particular achievements and/or contributions by individuals or organisations towards protecting and improving the marine environment;
  • assisting those that have been shown through irrefutable evidence to have caused pollution or other degradation of the marine environment, to adopt environmentally responsible procedures and operations.

AUSMEPA received endorsement as an income tax exempt charitable entity on 1 July 2000. The AUSMEPA ABN is 62 221 812 302

AUSMEPA was incorporated under the Queensland Association Incorporations Act 1981 on 13 March 2001 (IA 29963). AUSMEPA and its Public Fund were entered into the Register of Environmental Organisations on 6 June 2001. AUSMEPA is entitled, under the Commonwealth Income Assessment Act 1997, to receive tax deductible donations.

AUSMEPA is a not for profit organisation run mainly by volunteers and is overseen by a Board of Directors. The day to day management is provided by the Executive Officer. Educational and school liaison services are provided on a contractual basis.

The Board meet about three times a year including at the Annual General Meeting. Board  meetings are usually held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Funding for AUSMEPA is based on individual membership, corporate sponsorship, a ship membership scheme and public donations. From time to time AUSMEPA undertakes tasks funded by either the Commonwealth or State/NT government environmental grant schemes

In 2007 AUSMEPA widened its goals to include assisting the shipping industry in achieving environmental sustainability and in enhancing the industry's 'clean and green' reputation among the community.

Since its inception AUSMEPA has strived to meet its main goals of marine environmental education and awareness through two avenues; school education programs and seafarer education.


Click here to read Ausmepa Constitution.

Education programs for students and teachers

We make learning fun. Students need interesting yet challenging learning activities. AUSMEPA provides exciting educational materials with everything teachers need.

AUSMEPA educational resources are free. Students will learn about the marine environment, the importance of the sustainability of the seas and oceans for all users whether they are commercial users such as the shipping, port or fishing industries or recreational users such as the boating and sailing community. Students will become responsible users of marine resources and protect the marine environment for future generations. Each program is designed around core curriculum science units

AUSMEPA's education resources for use in schools provide the opportunity to:

  • encourage school and student involvement in the marine environment and its conservation, creating opportunities for school and community group partnerships
  • introduce students to the world of ships, ports and other maritime industries;
  • engage students in a wide variety of marine conservation and fun activities such as awareness of the marine environment, practical conservation, climate change etc;
  • provide leadership opportunities and creating non-competitive activities;


A free set of activity posters are available on request ( for students. They stimulate children's interest in taking an active role within their local school community, and undertaking meaningful activities that protect the marine environment. Both coastal and inland activities are provided.

Along with the posters are a fact sheet for each poster and activities designed for the Australian Curriculum. Each year level from the Foundation year to year 6 has lessons, activity sheets and powerpoints that are relevant to the Australian Curriculum for the respective year level. 

The posters are titles:

  • Anemonefish
  • Cuttle-fish
  • Hermit Crabs
  • Penguins
  • Danger
  • Sea-horses
  • Sharks & Rays
  • Turtles

Middle Year Students

Middle year students can obtain free education resources that meet their student learning requirements for the 21st century. Included are complete environmental educational units of work. Students often have trouble comprehending what they find on the internet. Our website is a complete learning experience covering all the information students will need to establish their understanding of a topic. The teacher is provided with a downloadable PDF complete with curriculum notes and student activities and assignments the teacher can set.

The AUSMEPA website material has a student learning focus; the programs are produced so the teacher coordinates the students' learning, there is less need for instruction by the teacher.

The activities and assignments provided in the curriculum notes require students to use the program's web pages to research the topic. The web pages have been designed to particularly encourage students who may be reluctant to read. The pages have an appropriate literacy design with no more than 200 words per page with a suitably sized text and many colourful illustrations to support the text.

For information about school education programs click here.

Seafarer Education

In 2005 AUSMEPA and AMSA jointly produced the DVD Welcome to Australia: Protecting the marine environment. The DVD has been updated in 2013 with the latest IMO, Australian legislation and MARPOL requirements regarding ship tracking and reporting systems, navigation in the inner routes of the Great Barrier Reef, ballast water management, biofouling and the permissible draught of ships on the Torres Strait. It describes the importance of Australia's unique marine environment. The DVD is available in English, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Russian and Ukrainian.

With the help of Shipping Australia Ltd (SAL) and its member agencies a copy of the DVD is placed on every ship when it first arrives in Australia. Over 3,000 DVDs have been placed on ships so far. Copies of the DVD are also available from the Apostleship of the Sea Stella Maris Seafarer Centres.

For more information on seafarer education click here.


A copy of the AUSMEPA brochure, which highlights AUSMEPA's role and the free educational resources available to young Australians and seafarers, can be viewed and/or downloaded by clicking here.

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