Using a marine education centre


There are many education centres across Australia that will provide schools with a comprehensive program at a rockpool environment. These programs have many advantages for the classroom teacher. The centre will help to organise your program including helping you to be at the rockpool when the tide is right. Your students will be lead by an expert while doing their fieldwork. The centres will help teachers with many of the safety issues teachers have when taking students on excursions. The centres will have solved many other problems such as locating and using toilets. Make sure you book your excursion early enough so you donít miss out.

This list of excursions venues does not include aquariums. Aquariums are an excellent alternative when you canít use rockpools. Most aquariums have staff that will provide your students with an exciting program.  The weather and tides wonít affect your class. Students are usually guaranteed to have extended observations of a wide variety of marine creatures. Some of the marine study centres also have extensive aquariums specializing in maintaining local marine animals and plants.