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Rhondda Alexander

When Rhondda Alexander entered a room it was with an unmistakable presence. Her influence made it possible for AUSMEPA to exist so we would like to tell you more about her and why this grant is so important to us at AUSMEPA.

Rhondda was a young nurse when she met Michael Alexander, AUSMEPA’s first chairman, and up until her final days she referred to him as her Greek God. They lived in Australia when they weren’t travelling. She loved cooking for people and she seemed to make it something of an art form.
While her family thrived she also found time to devote herself extensively to charitable organisations to help the less fortunate and particularly for the benefit of children.

This amazing person played a pivotal role in initiating AUSMEPA in July 2000. Having seen HELMEPA, the first Marine Environment Protection Association in Greece flourish they both believed that Australia would benefit from a similar organisation that would foster education and protection of the sea. With her encouragement and support Michael captained the AUSMEPA ship on its maiden voyage. Throughout the years Rhondda and Michael have been steadfast in their support of the AUSMEPA.

Most importantly progress has been made. The organisation has built a strong foundation on more than one front. AUSMEPA now boasts many student resources for the brave teachers who bring marine environmental education into their classrooms. It has also influenced mariners to be vigilant on safety and environmental standards providing an educational DVD and a Ship Membership program.

Rhondda’s dream for AUSMEPA was to educate the young for the sake of a healthy earth, ocean and for the enduring health of people.