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AUSMEPA welcomes BP Australia and ASP Ships to the Ausmepa ship membership scheme

Monday, 22 June 2009

IMO Secretary General Efthimios E.Mitropoulos recently presented AUSMEPA certificates and flags to Captain Brett Whiteoak, BP Australia Ltd and Andrew Douglas, ASP Ship Management Pty. Ltd. (Australia) for the M.V. British Fidelity and the M.V. British Loyalty, the most recent ships to be approved and accepted into the AUSMEPA Ship Membership Scheme. The presentation ceremony took place during the NatSHIP 09 conference in Sydney where the IMO Secretary General was the key note speaker.

Admiral Mitropoulos said, in recognising the marine environmental awareness and education work undertaken by AUSMEPA and the other MEPAS around the world, how pleased he was to make this presentation which rewarded these two ships for their excellent marine environmental and safety record.

Michael Julian, AUSMEPA's Executive Director, who also participated in the presentation, said the AUSMEPA Ship Membership Scheme had been introduced to award ships which can demonstrate a high level of safety and marine environment consciousness. “To fly the AUSMEPA Flag is a sign of quality” he said.

To be approved by the AUSMEPA Board for Ship Membership a ship must be able to demonstrate a good safety and environmental record. AUSMEPA uses the following guidelines to determine ship quality and assess potential for AUSMEPA ship membership; any one will qualify a ship for consideration:

  • Two continuous years free of detention under Australia's port State control regime;
  • A US Coast Guard QUALSHIP 21 Certificate;
  • A Green Award Certificate
  • Any other internationally recognised certificate or record providing evidence of the ship's quality and safety record, e.g. from a ship vetting company.

AUSMEPA Ships are entered in the data base operated by Right Ship Pty. Ltd. which keeps track of AUSMEPA member ship's PSC and other inspections throughout the world and their data base would also show up any significant incidents, should one occur, such as a grounding or collision. Such a monitoring scheme is essential to provide integrity to the AUSMEPA ship membership scheme.

Michael Julian said that in the event of such an incident the AUSMEPA Board would assess the circumstances of the incident and decide whether AUSMEPA ship member status should be withdrawn.

At the presentation Michael Julian acknowledged the support AUSMEPA has received from the shipping and port industries, in particular the Gold Sponsors including the Australian Shipowners Association.

Presentation Photo

Left to right are: Brett Whiteoak (BP Australia), Andrew Douglas (ASP Ship Management Pty. Ltd.), Efthimios E.Mitropoulos (Secretary General International Maritime Organization) and Michael Julian (AUSMEPA).

Editor's Note:

M. V. British Fidelity and M.V. British Loyalty, which are both chemical/oil product tankers operating in the Australia coastal trade, are owned by BP Australia Ltd and operated by ASP Ship Management (Australia) Pty. Ltd.