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AUSMEPA congratulates Neda Maritime on its new ‘environmentally friendly’ oil tanker Aragona.

Monday, 20 February 2012

AUSMEPA congratulates The Neda Maritime Agency for the steps it has taken to ensure its newest ship; the 320,000 deadweight tonnes crude oil carrier Aragona is as 'environmentally friendly' as possible. In taking delivery of this very large crude carrier (VLCC), Neda Maritime has clearly demonstrated its commitment to protecting the marine environment. The  Aragona  incorporates the latest environmentally friendly fixtures aimed at reducing emissions and enhancing structural integrity such as the latest propeller efficiency technology and is thought to be the first tanker of its size to verify that its energy efficiency design index (EEDI) is well below the baseline and will also incorporate features that reduce emissions from its oil cargo.

Aragona is powered by a MAN Diesel & Turbo tier II-compliant engine fitted with cylinder cut-out and turbocharger cut-off systems. Other measures to reduce fuel consumption include propeller efficiency technology and a copolymer-based coating never before used on a VLCC.

 The VLCC can super slow steam at a power order of 25%, moving at up to 12 knots on daily fuel oil consumption of about 30 metric tonnes.

Neda Maritime Agency has the highest number of ships approved in the AUSMEPA Ship Membership Scheme