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AUSMEPA Ship Member Rescues 27 Lives

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Captain Conrad Saldanha, AUSMEPA Chairman, recently praised the Captain and crew of the   Atlantic Hero in saving 27 lives in a search and rescue incident off Cocos Island on 14 July 2012. He said ‘this was in the traditional spirit of mariners to provide assistance and rescue those in distress at sea”.

Following a request by Australia’s Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) the Atlantic Hero, in transit in the Indian Ocean diverted its course to assist an Indonesian fishing vessel which had sent a distress message advising its engine had stopped and it was out of diesel fuel.  

Within 3 hours the Atlantic Hero located the fishing vessel and supplied the requested diesel fuel; however the crew was unable to restart the engine.

The Atlantic Hero then took on board the 27 persons from the fishing vessel and took them to Cocos Island where they were transferred to an Australian Customs and Border Security vessel.

The RCC, which is part of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority in Canberra, sent the following message to the Master of the Atlantic Hero “RCC Australia would like to extend our gratitude for your assistance during the recent search and rescue operations in the vicinity of Cocos Island. Your timely response and professional conduct is a credit to the crew of the Atlantic Hero and directly contributed to saving lives at sea.”

The Atlantic Hero which is operated by Sun Enterprises Ltd, based in Greece, is one of some sixty vessels that have been approved by AUSMEPA as Ship Members. The ship membership scheme is designed to acknowledge quality shipping trading to Australian ports. Details of the scheme can be seen on the AUSMEPA website at

For more information please contact Michael Julian, Executive Director 0417 657 951.