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Environmental Award

The AUSMEPA environmental award

The AUSMEPA Environment Award is presented to worthy recipients to recognise and promote achievements, innovation and best practice in minimising marine pollution and the protection of the marine environment. The AUSMEPA Environmental Award can be awarded to individuals, community groups, businesses and government agencies or departments.

Nominations are sought on an annual basis from the maritime community as well as AUSMEPA members. Nominations should be submitted in hard copy to AUSMEPA's national office PO Box 7122, SIPPY DOWNS, QLD 4556 and also by email to by 30 September each year.

Nominations for the Environmental Award must meet the following criteria and demonstrates a proactive approach;


  • Demonstrates innovation;
  • Provides a long term, sustainable solution to a particular issue or issues;
  • Demonstrates actions that go beyond legal compliance, or beyond actions that are representative of the reasonable duties of a portfolio or position
  • The nominee should be based and operate in Australia and the benefits must be to the Australian marine environment


The AUSMEPA Board will review on an annual basis all nominations that generally meet the required criteria. However, in some years, if nominations fall short of the requited high level, an award may not be made in that year.

AUSMEPA Environmental Awards Made


Due lack of nominations received the Board of Directors have decided not to proceed with the AUSMEPA Environmental Award this year. The nomination received will be kept and resubmitted for 2015/16 Award. Remember closing date is 30th September 2015.
Sorry to cause any inconvenience.


The AUSMEPA Environmental Award in 2013-2014 was made to “Healthy Waterways Project”. They combine all the important elements of a remediation and waste education program with a focus on behaviour change and program design elements which allow for measurement of project impacts. The HWP could be easily adapted for use in other areas of Australia and is likely to result in similarly excellent outcomes in relation to community engagement and behaviour change. Congratulations to all involved and keep up the fantastic work


The Award in 2012/2013 was made to the Conservation Council of South Australia Inc for its ‘Feral or in Peril’ program. They have made significant achievements in contributing to the protection of the marine environment over the last 12 years. The volunteers who have contributed to the program are the key to its success. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Nominations received did not warrant an Award being made in 2011/2012; however the nomination by Take 3 was considered worthy of a Highly Commended Certificate. Take 3 is a new innovative environmental organisation which has at its core a simple but yet effective message; instead of picking up one piece of litter off our coastline, take 3! The more simple the message the greater the take up of the call to action.

This simple message has translated into a reduction of litter in areas taking up the take 3 challenges – the geographical impact has spread Australia wide, and has been reviewed in New Zealand and the USA.
Click here for more information

2010/2011 Port of Townsville Limited
The Award in 2010/2011 was made to the Port of Townsville for its achievement in the remediation of the former Sun Sun Prawn Aquaculture Farm, south of Townsville.

The aquaculture farm was located adjacent to creeks, tidal waterways, fish habitat area, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the World Heritage Area. It covered an area of approximately 30 hectares and had operated from 1986 to 1993. After the failure of the venture, the site was abandoned and handed back to the Port of Townsville Limited in a highly disturbed and degraded state.

The Port of Townsville Limited recognised the significant impact the site in its degraded condition was having on the surrounding marine environment and in conjunction with various stakeholder and close liaison with state and local regulators, commissioned environmental consultant GHD to undertake an assessment and develop and manage the remediation site.

The key objective of the remediation was to minimise existing and future environmental harm, principally by neutralizing the identified Acid Sulfate Soils and returning the site to a landform consistent with the marine and coastal surroundings. Click here for more information

Highly Commended Certificates
The AUSMEPA Board agreed in 2010/2011 to also award a Highly Commended Certificate to three other nominations. One by The Sydney Ports Corporation for securing protection of migratory sea birds that frequent Penrhyn Estuary adjacent to the Port Botany container terminal expansion and two nominations by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority to individuals for their significant contribution to the protection of Australia's marine environment in two major maritime incidents.

The Sydney Ports Corporation's Highly Commended Certificate was awarded for its high level of achievement in enhancing the protection of the marine environment and reducing marine pollution in its Port Botany expansion project including the commitment to secure the Penrhyn Estuary for locally significant migratory birds.

Upon completion, Sydney Ports has taken on management responsibilities for the estuary and continues with long term monitoring and maintenance so as to ensure the ongoing success of the estuary as a shorebird habitat. For more information on this project click here

Highly Commended Certificates were awarded to the crew of the emergency towage vessel Pacific Responder and to AMSA's Marine Surveyor Mr. Andre Winkler for their significant contribution to the protection of the marine environment in two major shipping incidents, which could have resulted in catastrophic pollution.
The crew of the emergency towage vessel Pacific Responder intercepted the disabled bulk carrier Ocean Emperor and prevented it from drifting on to Ribbon Reef No. 5 in the Great Barrier Reef on 27 July 2010. The outstanding performance of the Pacific Responder crew undoubtedly prevented massive pollution of this Particularly Sensitive Sea Area

AMSA's Marine Surveyor Mr. Andre Winkler was awarded a Highly Commended Certificate for his significant contribution to reduce marine pollution in his actions as the Casualty Coordinator onboard the stricken bulk carrier Shen Neng 1 which grounded on Douglas Shoal, 43 nm east of Great Keppel Island, in the Great Barrier Reef on 4 April 2010. For more information click here and go to page 13

2009 Victorian Government
The award in 2009 was made to the Victorian Government in recognition of the achievements of two of its agencies EPA Victoria and Melbourne Water in dramatically improving the water quality of Port Phillip and Victoria's coastal waters over a number of years.

Through a very effective combination of education, encouragement and enforcement these two agencies, as well as improving water quality, have considerably reduced land sourced marine pollution. These actions have ensured that Victoria is a world leader in minimising marine pollution. See Media Release.

2007 and 2008 - No awards made.

2006 SEA SA Pty Ltd.
The award in 2006 was made to SEA SA Pty. Ltd in recognition of the large reduction in greenhouse gasses that its new ferry service in South Australia achieved.

The ferry service which links the Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas is a boon to the communities of Walleroo and Lucky Bay in cutting the journey time between these two port townships, down to less than 2 hours, but more importantly the ferry service also provides significant environmental benefits in reduced greenhouse gasses.

The annual savings in carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles transiting Spencer Gulf on the ferry service instead of driving the 350 kms by road between the two port towns is some 24,377 tonnes.