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Marine Conservation Education for Schools

Education programs for students and teachers

Marine EducationWe make learning fun. Students need interesting yet challenging learning activities. AUSMEPA provides exciting educational materials with everything teachers need.

AUSMEPA educational resources are free. Students will learn about the marine environment, the importance of the sustainability of the seas and oceans for all users whether they are commercial users such as the shipping, port or fishing industries or recreational users such as the boating and sailing community. Students will become responsible users of marine resources and protect the marine environment for future generations. Each program is designed around core curriculum science units.

AUSMEPA's education resources for use in schools provide the opportunity to:

  • encourage school and student involvement in the marine environment and its conservation, creating opportunities for school and community group partnerships;
  • introduce students to the world of ships, ports and other maritime industries;
  • engage students in a wide variety of marine conservation and fun activities such as awareness of the marine environment, practical conservation, climate change etc;
  • provide leadership opportunities and creating non-competitive activities.

AUSMEPA’s school education program is provided in three segments:

Midde Year Students

Units of Work

Primary Year Students