Leaf carving cont. 

 What to do:

  • Think through design around positive and negative spaces and methodology for carving.
  • Look at your leaf (leaves) and consider the architecture of the leaf. How can you maintain the structure of the leaf and still bring your design through it.

Begin process: 

  • Draw your design on piece of tracing paper
  • Cut the negative spaced shapes away from the design
  • Place your leaf on a suitable cutting surface
  • Place paper over the leaf and mark your design onto the leaf
  • Take your cutting implement and trace the pattern as you have marked it, checking to see
  • that the shape is following your original design or alter to suit as you go along
  • Experiment with cutting methods to get your best result
  • When cutting is complete, paint the leaf with liquid paraffin.
  • Experiment with what works at each stage
  • Think outside the box when looking for solutions in your design or delivery methods
  • Begin again if you must and remember to stop before you have gone too far.


Record progress and results:

  • notes are helpful
  • photos are essential
  • videos to make the project come alive



After you have thoroughly photographed your finished project, and made a video if possible, share your project and your message with:

  • Your class
  • Your school
  • The community - perhaps contact the local paper?


Send a copy to AUSMEPA too at education@ausmepa.org.au or info@ausmepa.org.au 

We will be highlighting student art on our webpages at www.ausmepa.org.au