Seagrass porthole cont.

What to do:

  • Place tissue paper in the bottom of the tin.
  • Wet the tissue paper with a brush from the glass of water (carefully so as not to break the tissue paper)
  • Sprinkle some blue and green food colouring  in the bottom of the tin so the wet tissue paper takes on the colour.
  • Spread colour carefully using a fully wet paint brush
  • On a dry protected flat area (could be a cutting board) place your strips of paper.
  • Wet the strips with water and repeat the process with food colouring (although you can use the ink used for fountain pens if it is cheaper)
  • Allow leaves to dry and later colour again with a stronger media like pastels or paint
  • Using your light white cardboard, draw fish and snail shapes.
  • Colour and cut shapes
  • Arrange the elements you have selected and prepared in the bottom of the tin.
  • Once you are satisfied with the arrangement glue onto dry tin with craft glue

If it is hard to find a biscuit tin to make your seagrass porthole, you might like to consider an aluminium pie tin.