Open boat cont.

What to do:

  • Carefully take foil wrapper off of the tea bag box, straighten out as well as possible
  • Gently detach the ends of the box, a flat rounded knife might help to pry it apart.
  • Lay the box flat and cut as per the template illustrated
  • Place the foil (gold side up) on a flat clean surface
  • Cover the gold foil with a thin layer of white glue
  • Place the boat cardboard down onto the gold foil
  • Turn the cardboard over and rub as many bubbles out of the glue as possible
  • Allow the glue to dry
  • Cut off the excess foil
  • Individually fold the two outer edges in half and glue them together so you have two silver foil covered sides of the boat
  • Bend the end tabs of the sides together, as they were when you first undid the box.
  • Fold the end tab of the middle section over the top of the silver side tabs
  • Pull the two side together at the front and tack together with a glue gun (you can 'caulk' the edges of the interior of the boat seams, particularly at the front or bow of the boat)


From here you can decide what kind of boat you want it to become, a tinny a cargo ship etc.


Be sure to clean your area after you finish.


Use your boat to visit one of your other art activity habitats. Perhaps it might be for fishing near a mangrove forest or over a seagrass meadow or even in a shipping lane near a coral reef.