Fish leaf carving

Leaves make oxygen and food. They are important for our air quality and our health.  Coastal plants are rich habitats for fish, crabs and many other types of animals.  Surprisingly leaves can also become works of art.


Artist Lorenzo Duran uses his self designed leaf carvings to celebrate art and communicate about nature.  (See the photo he has allowed us to use for demonstration)  Please go to the link and view his incredible artistry at: Lorenzo Duran 

Leaves of plants have a vascular system of veins that you can often see. They absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Use these veins to help your image to emerge from the leaf.

NB: Safety

This project is best suited to high school students.

Go through safety with using sharp implements with students.

An adult should place sharp implements on tables.

Students should never walk around with sharp implements.

Demonstrate how to cut leaves while keeping fingers safe.

Set very specific guidelines for students.