Adaptation How the features and way living things live help them to survive and reproduce.

Mangrove A habitat of trees living in the intertidal zone where the ground or mud below is regularly covered by seawater. Mangrove also refers to the trees that make up the mangrove habitat. Mangrove trees belong to many different groups of trees.   

Species A group of living things that usually look similar and can breed and produce living and reproducing offspring.

Habitat The home where an animal lives. 

Intertidal zone The area between the high tide and low tide along coasts, estuaries and rivers.

Carbon sink A place where organic material gathers and is stored for thousands of years. In mangroves, leaves and branches only partly rot and much of the organic carbon stays in the mud. 

Pollution chemicals in the air, water and ground as well as litter that impacts on the environment including the plants and animals.