Coral Reef Websites
This site provides detailed information about all the conservation issues for the Great Barrier Reef. It has large downloadable maps of past coral bleaching events. A simulation enables the user to find out the likely impact of rising sea temperature in different locations along the Great Barrier Reef. You can also input other environmental factors.
This website will give you a look at what the researchers are doing along the Great Barrier Reef.
This website is dedicated to students and teachers. It contains a lot of curriculum material and student activities. Consider getting your school to become a Reef Guardian. You don’t need to be in Queensland or even near the coast to join.
Students, individuals and community groups can participate in coral bleaching surveys with the use a novel colour chart that indicates the level of bleaching in corals.
Find out what other people are doing on our planet to protect their patch of coral reef.

Sustainable Schools

has become the major vehicle for schools to operate more sustainably and educate for sustainability. These are some websites that will help you become involved: (Commonwealth) (Commonwealth) (Victoria) (Victoria) (WA) (QLD) (NSW) (NSW) (NT)

Shipping Organisations
This site provides information about Australia's maritime regulator, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, which is responsible for implementing international conventions (laws) on maritime safety and marine environment protection.
This is the website of the Australian Shipowners Association which is an industry peak body representing Australian shipowners and provides information on a range of maritime issues but in particular in the Health Safety and Environment section under Environment, what shipowners and their ships are doing to reduce greenhouse gasses.
This website provides extensive information about the International Maritime Organization (IMO)and on the international conventions (laws) that shipping has to comply with. IMO is a specialised agency of the United Nations responsible for maritime safety and marine environment protection.